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Professional and college reporters training collaboratively for the future of Bay Area journalism. Bay News Rising is a project of the Pacific Media Workers Guild made possible by the labor and contributions of its members.

Bay News Rising interns win hourly pay

SAN FRANCISCO, JUNE 3, 2017 — Members of the Student Guild ratified unanimously the agreement with the Pacific Media Workers Guild that includes a provision granting hourly pay, and it is the first time the union’s interns will be paid for attending classes.

The bargaining was conducted on May 30 during the first meeting of the sixth annual session of Bay News Rising, our local’s summer internship program. The tentative agreement was presented to members for a vote on June 1.

In the past, interns were paid for work published on the Bay News Rising web site and for other work performed during the course of the summer, but until now there has not been a provision for hourly payment related to attendance. The new agreement gives the interns stronger control over their working conditions than in the past; they will police attendance and control an incentive budget.

The Student Guild and management agreed on an hourly wage and additional payment for articles and photo stories. Management will budget $325 for exceptional work, as determined by the interns. Guild members said this framework offers students a chance to both receive payment for the time they spent on the program and the work completed.

Representing the Student Guild: Brian Howey, Shabaz Kazia, Julio Marcial, Alena Naiden, Victor Tence, Gabriela Reni, Garrett Bergthold and Bethaney Lee.

Representing management: Bill Snyder, Kat Anderson and Carl Hall.


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