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Monthly Archives: August, 2014

Surviving poverty in San Francisco: one journalist’s struggle to overcome financial stereotypes

First Person Profile by Danielle Parenteau My mom and I live in a 100-square-foot single-room occupancy hotel in downtown San Francisco. We get by on about $14,000 per year. There … Continue reading

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‘Survival mode’ kicks in for many artists on both sides of SF Bay in spite of rising costs

by Frank Ladra             The slowly evolving and potentially declining state of San Francisco’s art community is hardly a new topic of discussion around the … Continue reading

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Co-op fire puts affordable housing at risk for displaced artists and workers

by Mary Strope             Tucked away on a mural-covered, hidden alley in the Southern part of the city’s Mission district, former tenants of an artists’ … Continue reading

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Worker centers serve as union alternative underdog for service industry

by Chloe Johnson             When Bob Mule left South Carolina for San Francisco in June 2013, he just wanted to get a job and pursue … Continue reading

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Demonstrators protest tech-initiated evictions by using Google’s own words against them

by Cody Wright             Tech giant Google once used the slogan “don’t be evil” as a company motto. Coined to project its corporate values, the … Continue reading

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Little support for working families when crisis hits

by Danielle Parenteau             Gregory Richardson cares for his mother full time. Beatrice Richardson suffers from hydrocephalus and has required constant attention since sustaining a … Continue reading

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Decent pay, benefits shelved for many grocery workers

by Chloe Johnson             Today, more than a third of grocery workers rely on some kind of public assistance and one in five has trouble … Continue reading

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San Francisco living means burning the candle at both ends for some

by Marlene Sanchez             While advocates cheer a rise in San Francisco’s minimum wage rising to $15 an hour, the tough truth of the cost … Continue reading

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Long commutes and low wages: when working for Walmart doesn’t work

by Marlene Sanchez             At 33, Darryl Randle wishes he didn’t have to live with his family, but his job at Walmart doesn’t pay enough … Continue reading

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Legally or not, marijuana business pays the bills

  by Frank Ladra           Local entrepreneur Bob was not always interested in the weed business. With an education in the sciences, he spent the earlier … Continue reading

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