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‘Workers Bill of Rights’ to focus on fair hours, predictable schedules

by Kevin Skahan             After working as a security officer for 20 years, Christy Price was hoping to retire early. But when her employer cut … Continue reading

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Getting by on less than minimum wage: It’s doable if you have other help

by Anna Rubenstein   Michael* would love to be earning the full minimum wage, but he’s far too affable to be indignant about $7 an hour. “I’m very grateful for … Continue reading

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Cooperatives offer tech workers empowerment instead of corporate paychecks

by Will Carruthers             Taran Ramage estimates he would be making twice as much as he is now if he kept climbing the corporate ladder … Continue reading

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Commuting for a higher wage across the Bay: from Oakland to San Francisco

  by Mary Strope             Inside the vast Goodwill As-Is warehouse, people sift through long, shallow tubs of clothes, bedding and accessories. Others sit and … Continue reading

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Noble causes and promises of fast cash lure young workers into sub-par jobs

by Chloe Johnson             It starts with a question to a passerby. “Are you an animal lover?” “Do you have a minute to help save … Continue reading

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Romantic ideals still draw musicians to SF but expectations don’t match up with reality

by Calla Camero             How many minimum wage jobs does it take to pay the overhead  in San Francisco while pursuing a career in pop … Continue reading

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At a crossroad: can small businesses continue to thrive in one of San Francisco’s last working-class neighborhoods?

  by Mary Strope               A couple of slices of Dutch Crunch, some imported Mortadella and a splash of olive oil. Mike Tufo, co-owner … Continue reading

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Increasing food stamp usage could stimulate local economy; Half of all eligible residents don’t apply

  by Marlene Sanchez   Unemployed and low-wage workers in San Francisco may have less in their wallets as the cost of living rises, but at least half of them … Continue reading

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More funding needed to combat local wage theft, report says

by Cody Wright                Percentage of minimum wage complaints filed with the OLSE by industry (2004-2013). Source: San Francisco Wage Theft Task Force Final … Continue reading

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Freelance journalists awarded for excellence

  by Calla Camero              Some 28 independent journalists won honors in the first annual Freelance Journalism Awards. The Freelance Unit of the Pacific Media … Continue reading

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