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Mental health services out of reach for many

First, the voices would come at night. Then he sometimes would hear them during the daytime as well, but at some point, the hour — morning, evening, afternoon — ceased … Continue reading

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The busking life: An inside look at BART’s impromptu performers.

They strum, hum and literally bend over backwards to entertain passengers and passersby in BART stations and on trains. For buskers, hurtling trains are a stage; preoccupied commuters an audience. … Continue reading

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YIMBY activists gather in Oakland to say “Yes” to housing

By Garrett Bergthold, Bay News Rising staff reporter – With roots in San Francisco – land of the highest rents in the United States) – the YIMBY phenomena is growing and it’s growing fast. From 2016’s New York Times column on local activist Sonja Trauss to the Atlantic’s June article From ‘Not in My Backyard’ to “Yes in My Backyard’, YIMBY is becoming a national sensation.

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These workers say they can’t live on “living wage”

The apartment in South of Market was filthy and full of cockroaches, but Marlyn Tuliao came in anyway. Being a caregiver, she doesn’t choose where to work, but this time … Continue reading

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Rising rent in Santa Cruz County leaves farms shorthanded

By Victor Tence, Bay News Rising Staff Reporter Andy Griffin of Watsonville is considered to be a “living farm legend” by those in the Bay Area produce scene for his pioneering work with organic agriculture. He’s known … Continue reading

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Housing density remains hot issue in Balboa Reservoir plans 

By Garrett Bergthold, Bay News Rising staff reporter – The city-owned 17-acre Balboa Reservoir is slated to add 680 to 1,245 housing units to the Ingleside neighborhood. Calling the project controversial belies the complexity of a three-sided fight as developers, housing advocates and angry neighbors strive to define its future.

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Oakland punk rockers serve up lunch and clean needles

By Brian Howey, Bay News Rising Staff Reporter —   Beneath the thrum of freeway traffic, Michele Magobet shuffles past a foldout table. Pausing to examine plastic tubs, she picks … Continue reading

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Minimum wage workers priced out of Bay Area housing

Gregory Mitchell serves coffee at the Starbucks kiosk in the Pack ‘N Save grocery store in Emeryville. At $14.80 per hour, the 27-year-old earns just a bit more than the minimum wage. Although he holds a second job at a local gym and works 45 hours a week, Mitchell struggles to pay his half of the rent for the $1500 apartment in Emeryville he shares with his uncle.

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Working warriors

They are the public servants and barkeeps, the Lyft drivers and hot-dog vendors, the parking attendants and security guards. While the glory all goes to the millionaire superstars on the court, quite a few ordinary workers are racking up their own NBA records — even if it’s only for overtime earnings and barroom sales posted during the Finals. 

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Bay News Rising interns win hourly pay

SAN FRANCISCO, JUNE 3, 2017 — Members of the Student Guild ratified unanimously the agreement with the Pacific Media Workers Guild that includes a provision granting hourly pay, and it … Continue reading

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