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Minimum wage workers priced out of Bay Area housing

Gregory Mitchell serves coffee at the Starbucks kiosk in the Pack ‘N Save grocery store in Emeryville. At $14.80 per hour, the 27-year-old earns just a bit more than the minimum wage. Although he holds a second job at a local gym and works 45 hours a week, Mitchell struggles to pay his half of the rent for the $1500 apartment in Emeryville he shares with his uncle.

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Working warriors

They are the public servants and barkeeps, the Lyft drivers and hot-dog vendors, the parking attendants and security guards. While the glory all goes to the millionaire superstars on the court, quite a few ordinary workers are racking up their own NBA records — even if it’s only for overtime earnings and barroom sales posted during the Finals. 

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Bay News Rising interns win hourly pay

SAN FRANCISCO, JUNE 3, 2017 — Members of the Student Guild ratified unanimously the agreement with the Pacific Media Workers Guild that includes a provision granting hourly pay, and it … Continue reading

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Together in homelessness: couples living on the streets of San Francisco struggle to find help

By Zak Cowan | With services few and far between, couples living on the streets of San Francisco have a unique and challenging road out of homelessness

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Homeless shelters remain homeless in the Haight

By Kelsey Lannin, Bay News Rising staff reporter — There’s a lot of homelessness in the Haight. Even the homeless shelters are homeless. After a contentious debate, San Francisco legislators … Continue reading

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Caring community steps up to help victims of Mission District fire.

By Shajia Abidi and Zak Cowan The fire alarms blared as black smoke billowed out of the Graywood hotel and residents went door to door helping their neighbors to escape. … Continue reading

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Highway 101 is still the North Bay’s daily traffic jam

By Mariana Raschke, Bay News Rising staff reporter– At the break of dawn, when the hills of Sonoma are covered in a morning fog, Highway 101 is already at a … Continue reading

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Newark blaze guts recycling center and forces residents to remain indoors

By Staff Writer Mitchell Walther A four-alarm fire ravaged the Western Pacific Pulp and Paper Recycling Center in Newark last Friday night, creating a noxious cloud that forced residents to … Continue reading

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After nearly six years, the sit-lie law is having trouble staying on its feet

By Grady Penna, Bay News Rising staff reporter – Decorated with a nine-ball ornament dangling from his neck, rings covering each finger and a hulking pack strapped to his back, … Continue reading

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San Francisco’s aristocrats, law enforcement and nudists come out for Pride

By Zak Cowan and Mariana Raschke Bay News Rising Reporters   The sandstone was draped in rainbow as the attendees cuddled around the caviar stands, sipping sparkling wine and indulging in the splendor … Continue reading

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